Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Vision Board Secrets!

    • Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    What exactly is a Vision Board?

    • What exactly is a Vision Board?

    • How do they work?

    • The Benefits of Creative Vision

    • The science behind Vision Boards

  • 3

    The nitty gritty of Vision Boards

    • The top 3 reasons you need a Vision Board right now

    • Vision Boards vs Dream Boards

    • Turning your Vision Board into an Action Board

    • Vision Boards Work in Every Area of Your Life

  • 4

    Let's take it step by step

    • Time for action!

    • Creating Your Vision Board

    • Creating a Digital Vision Board

    • Creating a Vision Board For Your Business- A Step by Step Guide

    • Creating a Vision Board in Your Journal

  • 5

    Take it to the next level!

    • Make it a party!

    • Vision Board Tools and Apps

  • 6

    How to visualize success like a champion and high performer!

    • Be a champion!

    • The power of Visualization

    • Let's talk about Habits

    • The power of Meditation

    • Instant relaxation

    • Subliminal messages

  • 7

    And we're nearly done!

    • Conclusion and a Challenge!

    • Download your Challenge Here!